In our anodizing plant with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons, we can perform special applications such as matt, polished (bright), satin (chrome effect) as well as anodic oxidation in the colours white (natural), bronze, brown, black and the desired colours and coating thickness. In our 8 meter long pools we can coat and refine aluminium profiles with a length of up to 7.5 meters. Our long anodizing pools offer our customers a clear advantage, especially on products for outdoor and indoor advertising as well as for facade profiles.

In addition to our standard colors, our pools are capable of matching special color requirements.

The profiles manufactured in our anodizing units meet all quality requirements of QUALANOD and TSE with their lifelong UV resistance and color fastness.

Surface-treated profiles are checked during the process not only with the help of spectrophotometers and layer thickness meters, but also after stain and coating thickness test and the film adhesion test. In addition, the chemical compatibility values of our pools are permanently checked by laboratory tests.