Powder Coating

The renewal of our electrostatic powder coating system enabled us to be more sensitive and aware of very important issues such as high capacity with new functions, energy saving and environmental awareness.

An important feature of the new system is that so-called "chromiation process" carried out before powder coating reduces the amount of chromium contained before powder coating and thus takes into account the environmental protection during production.

In addition, we save energy thanks to the conveyor belt tunnel.

With the movable cabins of the electrostatic powder coating system, the current capacity has been increased to almost twice. With 20 Corona robot arms and 2 different paint booths, our system can coat 15,000 tons of aluminium profiles with powder coating every year.
The quality controls of the coated profiles are checked in the laboratory by weight loss calculation, cooking water test, scratch test, impact test, fall test, roll and bend test, gloss measurement and layer thickness measurement.

Powder-coated profiles create a decorative appearance. In addition, they are resistant to ultraviolet rays and sudden temperature changes. Depending on the customer's requirements, the painting process is carried out in any colour and RAL codes.

The productions in our electrostatic powder coating system meet all quality requirements of QUALICOAT.